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"Dear Dr. Campbell,

I have been plagues by back problems since I was 10 years old. My sister fell on me while we were doing acrobatics on Jones Beach. I heard bones crack and could not breathe. I thought I would never take another breath. I did finally breathe and seemed to be fine until two weeks later when I could not take a step without blacking out. That brought a two to three-week round of hospital visits, Doctor visits and then finally a wonderful Chiropractor from Armonk New York, Dr. Griffith, came to the house and worked on me for several visits until I was mobile.

Since then I have been plagued by bouts of back problems. More than once my husband came home from work to find me on the floor unable to get up. Lying in bed, I plot how I am ever going to get to the bathroom. Can an ambulance come and get me to the hospital so my bodily functions will be attended?

Around 2006, after years of these troubles, my husband and I found a doctor who would not only accept me as a patient for about a thousand dollars cash and he prescribed steroids. Now, I finally understood the miracle cure a steroid could be. The pain disappeared with 24 hours. But of course, the problem persisted.

I never counted the x-rays, I never counted the MRIs. There were many. Doctor after Doctor saw me over the 60 years of my occasional extreme agony. Each ordered x-ray and recently also MRIs.

I was shocked, dumbfounded! I was overcome when you asked me what was the trauma my back had had. NO OTHER DOCTOR EVER COMMENTED IF and that is a big IF they noticed the clear injury to my back which you pointed out. A partially crushed vertebra not in the area I have the problem with (L4-L5) but an injury further up my spine, which even I could see.

WOW! I am so impressed with your care; I appreciate your attention to detail and completely thorough examination of my x-ray. I am so grateful to have you as my Doctor. Thank you for the wonderful care you have given me."


Gigi C. Porcelli

"Dear Dr. Campbell,

This morning on CBS Sunday Morning, Charles Osgood announced that integrity was the 'word of the year'.

CBS NEWS SPRINGFIELD, MA, Dec. 11, 2005: In a year filled with political wrangling, natural disasters and pop culture curiosities, Americans turned to Merriam-Webster to help define it all. Filibuster. Refugee. Tsunami. Each was among the dictionary publisher's 10 most frequently looked-up works among some 7 million users of its online site. But topping the list is a word that some say gives insight into the country's collective concern about its values:


The noun, formally defined as a "firm adherence to a code" and "incorruptibility" has always been a popular one on the Springfield-based company's Web site, said Merriam-Webster president John Morse. But this year, the true meaning of integrity seemed to be of extraordinary concern. About 200,000 people sought definition online.

Dr. Campbell, when I heard this commentary I immediately thought of your integrity, of the integrity of your practice and care, and of your helpful and compassionate staff.  The chiropractic care you provide has changed my life from one of all but intolerable chronic myofascial pain to one of manageability by means of your precise attention to my spinal health, nurturing in-house treatments, and by your guidance and advice on independent self-help.

Prior to your care I had several different yet unproductive physical therapies, steroids and pain medication injected directly into my spinal column, and even was told that perhaps I should consider back surgery to remedy my pain disorder. Like new patients, I watched and listened to the introduction video, but my medical experiences had rendered me very skeptical regarding practical successes. Now having transitioned from spinal treatments 3 times a week to a monthly maintenance schedule I can say knowingly that you back up every word you say with every action you do.

Dr. Campbell, I truly believe that people are only as good as their work and that to act in accordance with one's words absolutely requires integrity:  a "firm adherence to a code" and "incorruptibility".  Thank you for your integrity."

Yours truly,

Linda J. Dionne

"Pain is only fun to write about when you do not have it. I'm typing this letter free of any noticeable pain thanks to Dunn's Corners Chiropractic Center.

Let me pause and tell you my real story. Last Christmas Eve I woke up to back pain like I never had in my life. I started taking four Motrin every four hours. It numbed the pain a little, but I could not bend over or even move much without hurting real bad.  My whole family was coming for Christmas dinner and I could do nothing but smile and act like nothing was wrong. After all, the big roast beef and all the trimmings were in the oven now cooking. All I could think of is "I can't cancel Christmas."

It was a very long day to say the least. I irritated the injury over and over, and it hurt like the dickens. I went to bed that evening thinking the back would heal itself in a few days, like it always had done in the past.

The next reality check came when I had to go to the dentist on January 27th. By this time I had taken over 200 Motrin tablets with no success. This was the eye-opener.  It had been a full month since Christmas and I was in so much pain I could not sit in the dentist chair. I canceled the dentist appointment and asked several people which chiropractor was the best in town. It was hands down for Doctor Campbell at Dunn's Corners Chiropractic Center.

I'll always remember calling the office for the first time. I talked to a very nice lady whose name was Mary Jane who gave me an appointment the day I called. I remember thinking "I hope these people here are nice, because doctor's visits make me very nervous."

When I arrived at the center I was happy that it was a place where everyone there had a very positive attitude about healing you, and in fact the staff were and are still patients of Dr. Campbell.

After your first examination and x-rays, the doctor has you watch a video presentation describing his process of getting your back in its proper alignment through a series of manipulations he performs each visit. It is important you watch this and consider everything said on the video. One of the things you notice is the importance of being consistent and to keep all your appointments.

Of course I wondered how many visits it would take for me to get better. A typical visit for me at the center was a sign up at the desk with Mary Jane who gives you your record and a room to go to after a short wait in the waiting room. Doctor Campbell then sees you and works on your spine by a series of alignments, each helping to alieve the pain and put your spine in proper positioning. After this is done you go see Michelle.  Michelle is in charge of therapy, and boy does it feel good.  She is so good at what she does and has a great easy going nature. After ten minutes of therapy, your back seems more relaxed and you feel better.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes these visits make you sore, but it goes away in a day or so. I started with three visits a week and showed very little improvement for a while. While being treated these months I was always confident based on what Doctor Campbell told me that at some point and time I would improve and get better.

After a few months I began to improve. Now Dr. Campbell would see me just once each week. Granted it took some time, but it was working and the pain was getting less and less. After visiting the Center going on six months, the pain is gone and I feel great. I suspect I'll be coming here forever because maintenance is so important now.

So I end my letter by telling you if you feel joint or back pain go to Dunn's Corners Chiropractic Center. See Doctor Campbell, he's a great doctor, and Mary Jane, Michelle, and Laurie are the best. Take it from me, when the pain is gone you will be glad you did."

- Don Gentile


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